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Filing a Mechanic's Lien in Fort Worth

If you have performed labor or services on a property and have not been paid, filing a mechanic's lien against the property may be your best legal remedy. When general contractors, craftsman, laborers, suppliers, architects, landscapers, and subcontractors are not compensated for their work, they can place a lien on that real property.

The last resort for enforcement of a mechanic's lien is to file a lawsuit to foreclose upon the lien and have the property sold in order to receive payment.

Experienced Business Law Assistance from Favila Terry Law, PLLC

At Favila Terry Law, PLLC, we assist general contractors, subcontractors, and other professionals in filing mechanic's liens. To affirm our experience and qualifications, Attorney Cynthia Terry is a former magistrate with a background in small business. As a Fort Worth business attorney, she has the resources necessary to fight for your rights!

If the other party has breached their contract and failed to compensate you for your materials or services, we can help you file a mechanic's lien. Contact our firm at your earliest convenience to request a consultation with a professional legal guide.

About Texas Mechanic's Liens

Under Title 5, Chapter 53 of the Texas Property Code, a person can file a lien if the person is working, fabricates material, or furnishes labor or materials for a construction project or repair for a:

  • House
  • Building
  • Improvement
  • Levee or embankment to be erected
  • Railroad

A lien secures payment for the labor done or the materials furnished for the construction or repair, or for the specifically fabricated material, even if the material was not delivered or incorporated into the project. Also covered under this section is the preparation of a plan or plat by an architect, engineer or surveyor.

Following the Necessary Procedures

If you have not been fully or properly paid for your services, you should speak with our Fort Worth business attorney. There are numerous technical laws surrounding mechanic's liens, including requirements for prompt written notice, and limits on the amount collectible, not to mention the specific time limits for enforcing a lien.

The best way to resolve your issue legally is to seek help from our firm. We have a firm grasp on Texas' laws revolving mechanic's liens; we will advocate for your rights while ensuring that you follow the proper procedures within the prescribed timeframe.

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