Did Political Strains Cause Issues in Your Marriage?

The 2016 presidential election has been the center of more controversy than any other in recent memory. It has sparked heated debate in both the public and private lives of almost every demographic, including married couples across the nation.

Disagreements can arise in any relationship. In fact, many psychologists agree that it is important for each spouse to nurture the development of their own distinct personality and belief system. However, the ideological clashes brought about by this year’s election may be pushing some marriages past the breaking point. Below, we have put together a few tips for fostering healthy communication when it comes to politics.

Talking about Politics with Your Spouse

While these points can apply to any part of a relationship, they can be especially useful when discussing emotionally charged topics such as politics.

  1. Avoid Insults: Ridicule is typically aimed at a person and not the logic or reasoning behind their beliefs. Generally, if one person starts acting out of anger or throwing insults, the possibility of constructive conversation begins to go out the window. Try taking a break from the conversation and coming back to the topic later.
  2. Look for common ground: First, before automatically taking a defensive position against your spouse’s point, engage them solely with the intent of listening. Investing time in attempts at finding common ground can often yield mutual understanding, even when disagreements persist.
  3. Remain respectful: Remember, at the end of the day, you are married and it is your relationship that is most important. While you do not have to agree with your spouse’s political stances, showing respect can help to promote healthy communication.

Political disagreements can be manifestations of deeply rooted ideological differences. The discussions brought about by politics may be another item in a list of ongoing disagreements that can cause spouses to drift apart. When a marriage has broken down and compromise is simply not a possibility, it may be time to seek outside help.

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