Developing a Parenting Time Schedule for the Holidays

Spending time with your family during the holidays can be a tricky balancing act, as relatives might be thousands of miles away. If you are divorced and share children with your ex-spouse, you can expect even more trouble and complications. Children usually want to see the whole family for the holidays and might not understand why that could be difficult for you. To try to make things easier for everyone, you will want to take a second look at your visitation and custody agreements.

For the most part, custody agreements will come with a standardized holiday schedule, unless one is specifically crafted at the time of your divorce. In Texas, this means that one parent is permitted child custody from 6 PM on the last day of school that winter to 12 PM on December 28th; the other parent has custody from 12 PM on December 28th to 6 PM the day before school begins again. One quick look at this agreement and it is clear that one parent will not be able to see their child on Christmas Day. This is less than ideal for most people.

Setting the Schedule Yourselves

Family law regulations actually permit you and your ex-spouse to create your own child visitation and custody agreements during special times of the year, such as holidays, even if they work directly against previously established guidelines. As long as you both are in total agreement of your improvised schedule, you do not need to bring the matter to the attention of the court. For winter holidays, specifically Christmas, parents can agree to split the day in half, where one sees the child until after they eat lunch, and the other cares for them the rest of the day. If you think you both can get along, you should consider sharing the entire day together, which your child is sure to appreciate.

Be ready for some roadblocks and speedbumps, though. Even the most happily divorced people are likely to have some disagreements, especially when it comes to how their children are raised and treated. After all, you probably divorced in the first place due to the inability to see eye-to-eye on most things. If this is the case but you still want to modify your child custody and visitation plans for the holidays, you can come to Favila Terry Law, PLLC for all the assistance you need. Our Fort Worth divorce lawyers would be happy to help you find a peaceful resolution to this important situation. Call 817.330.8177 today and request a consultation with our caring and compassionate team!

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